Minor Masonry Repairs
Remove loose material and fill with Genkem Multifiller.
This provides excellent adhesion to most masonry surfaces such as cement and brickwork.

Cure the Cause of Problems
Organic growth can occur generally on walls and be made more severe by leaks from faulty gutters or down pipes.
Clear blocked gutters and repair leaks before painting.

Treat Organic Growth
Remove the growth using a stiff bristle (not wire) brush. Then treat the surface with an application of Genkem Mould Stop.

Flaking Masonry Paint
Remove flaking paint by scraping or with a stiff bristly (not wire) brush. After cleaning down apply Hercules Bonding Liquid.

Weathered Surfaces
Check previously painted surfaces for chalking, particularly on exposed elevations.
Brush the surface with a stiff bristle (not wire) brush, then apply Hercules Bonding Liquid liberally.

Movement Cracks
Where these have developed use either Genkem Multifiller or Genkem Filler Foam depending on the size of the crack and prime and seal as necessary.